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Since ancient times, human beings have always been quite interested in knowing about their fortune. And to satisfy this quest, they often take the advice of learned Astrologers to know about the possible course of events in their future, and the possible remedies that could be employed to minimize the bad effects of planets by adorning Gemstones that are most suitable in minimizing the bad influences of planets and maximizing the good influences of planets in people’s life.

The origin of the word Gemstone is quite old. One can also find a mention of this word in Rig-Veda, the oldest book in Hindu Mythology.

Even the western culture has accepted this fact that there is no mythological book is as old as ‘Rig-Veda’ in the world. Even ‘Rig-Veda’ makes a mention of the word ‘Gemstone’ in its pages. It mentions that famous lore when the deities (Devtas) did the churning of the Sea and found 14 Gemstones as a consequence. Other old mythological books such as ‘Mahabharata’, Garuda-Puraan, Agni-Puraan and many others have made a mention of Gemstones and their wonders in detail.

The origin of Gemstones takes place in the lower layers buried deep under the earth’s surface. Gemstones are a result of series of chemical reactions under extremely high temperatures under the lower layers, just like gold, silver, coal, iron and other metals are derived from beneath the earth’s surface. It takes thousands of years of chemical reactions beneath the earth’s surface to create these invaluable items, and thanks to the relentless efforts of human beings who have uncovered these hidden treasures of earth for us.

According to the Ayurvedic method of treatment, the cause of disease in all men is primarily due to 3 things, namely, Vaat, Pitt and Kafa. If a person is treated with a medicine that addresses these 3 things, he/she is sure to recover from any kind of ailment. Just like Emblica (Aamla) which has natural properties to cure the 3 Doshas of Vaat, Pitt and Kafa, the nature too has gifted us with everything in life, and each of these things have a bearing on our lives in some way or the other. Similarly there are Gemstones as well, gifted to us by the Mother Nature, and that’s why even our Shastras make a mention of adorning these Gemstones for our wellbeing.

As a matter of fact, the Ayurvedic method of treatment also mentions giving the ‘Bhasma’ of Gemstones, and the Gemstones ‘Pishti’ for oral intake by the patient for treatment of diseases. Similarly, there is also mention of which Gemstone’s ‘Bhasma’ or Gemstone’s ‘Pishti’ is going to be used in treatment of which disease, and that I will be discussing at a later half in this article. All in all, I would say that Gemstones definitely show their impact in anybody’s life who adorns them.

At the time of taking birth from the mother’s womb, the newly born child is blessed with the aura of the 9 planets in his/her body which also form the basis of his/her horoscope prepared according to that time. Based on this horoscope, an Astrologer then makes a prediction of the events in the child’s future. Based on the ‘Dasha’ and ‘Anterdasha’ of the planets at the time of birth, one could also give a clear account of the state of mind, the intelligence and the thought-process of the person in question. If a planet happens to be in a weak position to inflict losses, then adorning a Gemstone that’s related to the planet can help in rectifying the negative impact of that planet on the person’s life. For example if a person’s Lord of 5th house (The lord of Education) moves in his horoscope to the 6th, 8th or 12th house, it would indicate that the person would not be able to complete higher education. But if the person was asked to adorn a Gemstone related to the 5th house, it will strengthen his 5th house, and his chances to attain higher education in life.

If we scientifically investigate the power of Gemstones, we will see that whenever a Gemstone is adorned by someone, it possesses inherent properties to soak the rays of the planet it is related to. Since every planet has its own color, the related Gemstone of that planet soaks the rays of that planet and passes them inside the body of the person adorning that Gemstone. These rays when they are mixed in the blood stream of the person, they influence the actions and thought process of that person accordingly. The good thing about Gemstones is that they are effective in minimizing the ill-effects of their concerned planet, which could cause ill-being and loss in a person’s life.

I would explain the method of adorning these Gemstones and who should adorn what type of Gemstones in the later half in detail. However, it is important to consider many factors before any body goes about adorning a Gemstone, because adorning a wrong Gemstone could also lead to mishaps and miseries in a person’s life. .

Before understanding the use of Gemstones in Astrology, we will have to first understand the constitution of light. We all know that Sun is the largest single source of light and energy in our galaxy, and the survival of all the life form on earth including human beings, flora and fauna is dependent upon the Sun. The sunlight that travels to Earth is a spectrum of 7 colors, which we see in the form of a rainbow after rains. It is these 7 colors of sunlight that have an impact on the life of every human being on earth through their energy.

If we try to explain colors in the context of Astrology, we will find that all the 9 planets have an impact on the life of a person. Below is the list of these 9 planets and their respective colors along with their associated Gemstones:



Hindi Name

Sun (Surya)



Moon (Chandrama)



Mars (Mangal)



Mercury (Budh)



Jupiter (Brehaspati)



Venus (Shukra)



Saturn (Shani)







Cat’s eye


Generally, most Astrologers would suggest adorning a Gemstone that is related to the 'Lagnesh' of the person. If a person adorns a Gemstone that is according to the 'lagan' at the time of birth of a person, the positive impact of that 'Lagan' would be enhanced in the person's life. Just like the parents of a child who would never wish any harm for him/her, the 'Lagnesh' (The 'Lagan' in which the person is born) of the person also does not intend any harm ever. The lord of the planet of 'Lagnesh' has the power to bless the person with health, wealth, respect, character, and happiness. That's why; most astrologers suggest adorning a Gemstone that is related to the 'Lagnesh' of the person. If a person's 'Lagnesh' is weak, then that person is usually deprived of the things that are required to lead a decent life. That's why it is important that the 'Lagnesh' is strengthened by undertaking appropriate remedies. There are 12 'Lagans' in all, and following are their related planets and Gemstones:





Aries (Mesh)


Mars (Mangal)

Coral (Moonga)

Taurus (Vrish)


Venus (Shukra)

Diamond (Heera)

Gemini (Mithun)


Mercury (Budh)

Emerald (Panna)

Cancer (Kark)


Moon (Chandrama)

Pearl (Moti)

Leo (Singh)


Sun (Surya)

Ruby (Maanikya)

Virgo (Kanya)


Mercury (Budh)

Emerald (Panna)

Libra (Tula)


Venus (Shukra)

Diamond (Heera)

Scorpio (Vrishchik)


Mars (Mangal)

Coral (Moonga)

Sagittarius (Dhanu)


Jupiter (Brehaspati)

Topaz (Pukhraaj)

Capricorn (Makar)


Saturn (Shani)

Sapphire (Neelam)

Aquarius (Kumbh)


Saturn (Shani)

Sapphire (Neelam)

Pisces (Meen)


Jupiter (Brehaspati)

Topaz (Pukhraaj)

In the previous sections we threw light on a variety of subjects about Gemstones. Apart from explaining their source of origin, we also told you about their mention in our Shastras, and how adorning these Gemstones could prove beneficial for people. We also told you about the relationship of Gemstones with planets and their respective color as well. Now we will give you a detailed description of each and every Gemstone.


Ruby is a red colored stone. People with 'Lagan' Leo are strongly advised to adorn this Gemstone. If Sun is placed in its descendant Zodiac Libra or it is under the evil influence of Saturn, Mars, Rahu and Ketu, then being the ruling planet of the horoscope, the native must definitely adorn a Ruby Gemstone. However, before adorning this gemstone, the native must show his/her horoscope to a good astrologer so that the exact position of Sun could be rightly ascertained.

Ruby's constitution and the place where it is found
The mines of Ruby can be mostly found in Burma. According to scientific discoveries, Aluminum and Oxygen are the two main components of Ruby. Its relative density is 4.03 and the chemical composition is Aluminum Oxide. Smooth and soft textured red colored Ruby is considered to be the best among the variants.

Ruby's use in ailments
According to the Ayurvedic method of treatment, Ruby is said to be that gemstone which can remove all the 'Doshas' related to Vaat & Pitt, and it is also quite beneficial in stomach ailments like indigestion and other gas related problems. 'Chunni Bhasma' (the Hindi/Punjabi name for Ruby) helps in removing all ailments of the body and increases appetite. The use of 'Chunni Bhasma' is accordingly done in the form of Ruby Tablets which according to Ayurvedic system is helpful in treating diseases like paralysis, leprosy, anemia, hernia and memory loss etc. Ruby is an invaluable gemstone, so those who are not able to afford it can also wear its cheap substitutes such as 'Takij' and 'Tamdha'.

During our childhood days we used to read the imagination of the poet about that rain-drop which would turn into a pearl if it fell into the mouth of a snail in the 'Swati' Nakshatra. If this rain-drop fell on a banana tree, it turned into camphor (Kapoor), and if this rain-drop fell into a snake's mouth, it turned into poison. But this is only a mere imagination of the poet because the fulfillment of conditions at a time almost seems impossible in this case.

In the earlier sections we learnt about Gemstones and how are they attained on the basis of nature's 3 gifts namely beauty, durability and arduousness. It is not easy to find a pearl from a snail's belly, but scientists agree that the pearl obtained from a snail's belly has the right proportion of Calcium, Carbon and Oxygen and it is the purest pearl obtained from a natural source. However, the folklore that this pearl is derived from a drop of water is not true. Scientists reason that a foreign object entering the stomach of a snail living in salty waters might turn very slippery if it manages to stay there for a long time due to deposition of digestive fluids. When deep sea divers bring a snail out of the waters and open its shell, the shimmering stone inside it is that foreign object that had managed to stay inside the snail's stomach for a long time.

These days, finding a genuine pearl is not only difficult but also way beyond the pockets of a common man. A real pearl is so expensive at present that it can not be afforded by many, and only an honest connoisseur can tell the difference between a real and fake. However, there is no doubting the fact that the pearl derived from a sea snail is always the purest of all.

This is the gemstone of Mars planet and its zodiac signs are Aries and Scorpio. Coral is basically an organic substance which is prepared by a non-vertebrate sea creature. The various colors of Coral include red, white, and saffron, pink, scarlet and vermilion red. This gemstone is hot in character. Coral gemstone is said to ward off fever, piles, abortion, typhus, small-pox etc. A coral ring should be worn on the ring finger and before that it should be embedded with gold or copper. A pure coral is red or orange in color and known by its color itself. The natives born with Aries and Scorpion as their signs have their choice gem coral. According to western philosophy, those born in the month of January get coral as their birth stones. Coral ensures invincible success in life.

Characteristics of Coral: Coral is generally opaque but also found as semi transparent. The corals are found in red, white, pink, orange, and black colors.

Qualities of Coral: The auspicious corals are round, or elongated, or straight, smooth and spotless and voluminous colored like vermilion. There are also some corals white in color and brilliantly shinning and considered auspicious. Owing to its attractive glow and the color the coral has been included in the 'Navaratna', though it is not a very precious stone.

Defects of Coral: They should not be spotted, white dotted, pierced, split, double colored & with any depression.

Substitutes of Coral: Carnelian and Bloodstone.


The zodiac sings under the ruling planet Mercury are Gemini and Virgo. Emerald is the gemstone for Mercury planet. This gemstone is basically a mineral, a compound of oxygen and silicate of aluminum beryllium. The color of Emerald varies from light to dark green. Emerald is considered as uncommon gemstone as it is quite difficult to find a flawless emerald. Wearing emerald helps in soothing mental commotion. Further, this stone also enhances logical power as well as spiritual power as well. Emerald should be embedded in silver rings or five metal rings before wearing them.

Emerald ensures intelligence. Its color is green, shinning, and transparent. It is a bright, soft and beautiful like the fresh grasses and the lotus flowers, a very attractive and enchanting precious stone. The Emerald is the gem that Mercury loves. It is one of the great five gems known as 'Pancharatna'. The Mercury is considered the prince in the council of the planets, one that ensures intelligence, presence of mind, and success in any educational and career pursuits. For the native born under the signs of Gemini and Virgo, the emerald is known as their gem for life. Similarly, for the natives with ascendants as Gemini and Virgo, the gem ensures not only long life but also fame.

Characteristics of Emerald: According to records, it has been found that the gems are given very careful and delicate cuts, polishes and calibration for proper identification and use.

Qualities of Emerald: Emeralds, if defect less, always catch one's heart by its look. Emeralds are one of the rarest groups of the precious gems of the beryl family, especially known for their rich green color. The Emerald has paleness and fibrous residues. Emerald have shinning like Pigeon, leaves of bamboo, banana and the flower of Sirius tree.

Substitutes of Emerald: Tsavorite, Green tourmaline, Diopside, Peridot and Jade.

Pure topaz is colorless, but it also occurs in a broad range of colors. The range started from yellow, blue, pink, peach, gold, green, red, and brown. Some natural yellow stones are heated to become permanently pink i.e. pinked topaz. The golden glow of late afternoon, the reddish orange of sunset and the pink of dawn`s first light, these can be explained as the colors of Topaz. All of these colors are known as precious Topaz. Blue Topaz, a popular affordable gem, has an enhanced color. Topaz with a natural blue color is very rare. Topaz along with citrine is birthstones of Scorpio.

Characteristics of Topaz: There are some varieties of Topaz but nothing compares to the sparkling brilliance of Blue Topaz. Orange-red Imperial Topaz is also rare. Precious topaz is most often found in a scissors cut, a rectangular gem cut with curved sides that has triangular facets. Ovals, cushions, and emerald cuts are also available. Topaz has a hardness of 8. So Topaz should always be kept in separate boxes to protect other jewellery from scratches. Large temperature changes should also be avoided. Topaz often becomes paler if kept out in the sun. Topaz looks beautiful in rings, bracelets, necklaces, and pendants. Blue Topaz is available in a variety of shades, sizes and shapes. Red and intense pink are the most rare and most desirable colors for topaz as well. Pure topaz when brilliantly cut, they are mistaken even for diamond.

Qualities of Topaz:
Topaz is a stone of strength. Topaz stimulates an endocrine system. It assists in general tissue regeneration. Topaz is valuable in the treatment of hemorrhages. It also increases poor appetite and helps fighting blood disorders. In mysticism, the topaz is attributed with a cooling, styptic and appetizing effect. It is said to dispel sadness, anger and nocturnal fears, to warn its wearer of poisons and protect him or her from sudden death.

The diamond has been named in Sanskrit as Heera. In English, the word diamond is a derivative of the Latin word 'Admas' which actually means invincible. Its color is generally white. It is a representative of hard carbon. However, in the nature seven colored diamonds are found mostly pure and transparent. They are white, blue, red, black, light red, and yellow. The natives born in the Taurus and Libra have this gem as their principal gem for life.

Characteristics of the diamond: Among the jewels and gems, the diamond is the hardest or it can not be broken by anything, brightest, transparent and the most precious. Diamond is defined as the jewel which is as severe and hard as metal, that radiates rays when put into shallow water and the rays float, which is as pure and genuine as electricity, which ensures happiness to all, like the rainbow and fire does naturally. If the diamonds are sized like three spots or triangular like water chestnuts or the paddies then such diamonds would be as much auspicious. However, wearing the inauspicious looking diamonds might cause estrangement with friends, wealth and even life. Whereas wearing the auspicious diamonds would ensures relief from the fear of thunder or unexpected misfortune, poison enemies and would also increase wealth. In contrast, the diamond piece with the look of caret or a fly, having hair like lines, with the blotches of clay in the mass, stray granules of solid dust, burnt, blemished, without luster, and brittle type diamond would seldom ensure happy results. Similarly, the diamond pieces spotted with water bubbles are also not auspicious.

Qualities of the diamond:
As diamonds are the hardest, no object can scratch or broken through its mass. (Its refractive indices are the highest, which is why the rays that penetrate its mass very easily can return in total after some time and the effects in its dazzling power is the greatest among all other gems.) Or it can be floated like rays in swallow water, clear, like thunder, fire and rainbow. The radiation power in the diamond pieces are so great that if you look down from its peak into the depth of the jewel the entire VIBGYOR or the sun would be easily visible in full colors.

Defects of the diamond: The gemologists have identified many demerits which should enlighten the native about the authenticity of a diamond piece. There are paleness, yellowishness, lined, full of depressions in the mass, oily, glaze less, extremely hard, dotted with black bubbles, having white dots, and having the sign of a crow's claws. Also the diamond piece having red dots are highly injurious.

Substitutes of the diamond: white (colorless) sapphire, white topaz, zircon, and colorless quartz

Amongst the gemstones, astrologers rate blue Sapphire as the most powerful and potent in giving results, good or bad, depending on the position of the Saturn (ruler of Sapphire) in one's birth chart. In Hindi and Sanskrit blue Sapphire is called Neelam or Neelmani. A good quality Sapphire is peacock blue in color, and is transparent. When exposed to the rays of the Sun, blue rays are emitted from this gem. A Sapphire should be four carats in weight and set in a ring of white metal. This being an expensive gemstone one can even buy Sapphire of lesser weight and can still benefit from its prophylactic values provided the quality of the gem is good. The ring should be worn on the middle finger of either hand.

A weak Saturn at one's birth causes lots of problems and troubles. Those dealing in iron, lead, leather goods, minerals, heavy machinery, and insurance or in building construction should wear Sapphire to achieve success. Political activities come under the domain of Saturn. Social workers or those in active politics can derive great benefit by wearing a blue Sapphire. Those, in whose birth chart the planet Saturn is well placed, can wear this gem to enhance their career prospects.

Saturn being cold and barren it brings discord and disharmony in love. But those who have a well-placed Saturn in their horoscope can wear Sapphire. It may not cause any ill effects on their love life. But in such cases wearing of this gem often brings about several entanglements, which could cause instability in one's love life. In Hindu mythology, Lord Krishna is supposed to have been born with strong Saturn governing his married life.

It is that believed if Sapphire suits a person, he or she can be assured of long life prosperity and fame. A favorable Saturn also assures physical well being. But those suffering from arthritis, gout, leprosy, or dental complaints, should get their horoscope thoroughly checked before choosing to wear Sapphire. In certain cases like common cold, melancholia, or even stammering wearing this gemstone is believed to bring great relief to the wearer. While wearing Sapphire one should avoid red colored clothes. The red color is ruled by the Sun and Mars that are considered the enemies of Saturn; one becomes prone to accidents or burns.

In Sanskrit, the hessonite is known in many names such as Gomed, Rahu-Ratna, and in English, it has another name, cinnamon stone. Its color is mostly reddish yellow, transparent, and a shinning gem. Hessonite protects from Rahu or Dragon's head.

Characteristics of the Hessonite: Hessonite is the color of the Rahu. It is one of the two most dangerous planets that cause irreparable injuries to a native's life. Though it has a mathematical presence in Astrology, yet it does not have any figure. The planet does not have any particular choice gem or jewel of its own. According to Western Calculation, those who are born in August get the hessonite as their birth stone. It is said that the Uranus too has the hessonite as its choice gem.

The qualities of Hessonite: According to experts, the stones that look transparent like the urine of a cow, smooth, having uniform mass, does not have any layer in a piece, soft in touch and shinning is of high quality. High grade zircons are generally popular as hessonites. Its surface is four angled. Its double colored look is very prominent, can be discerned even in naked eyes. It cannot be cut easily. It has unique rays, just a little lower than a diamond's.

Defects of Hessonite: It should not be rough, have blisters, depression, or cracks, spots, double hues, red and white dots, fibers or corneal opacity or opaqueness in the mass.

Substitutes of Hessonite: Orange zircon and other Orange Garnets.

In Sanskrit, it is called as Ketu-Ratna and in English it is called as Cat's eye. Available in yellowish white, blackish tinges, sometimes with bluish and greenish mix are also found. The colors of the Cat's Eye are mostly grey. Its look like the eyes of a cat and is transparent too. It has a unique catchy color - a mix of sun and shadow that attract human towards it.

Characteristics of the cat's eye: In astrology, it does not have any imaginary existence like the other planets. Nor does it have any sign under its dictates. As it is a shadow planet, it enters well with almost all the planets; hence to appease it one should wear the gems after consulting a learned astrologer for guidance. The stone has become very attractive and popular.

The qualities: It is one of the hardest among the gems and jewels. The Cat's Eyes with yellow tinge, whitish thread of natural rays are considered of very good quality, straighter the thread the better the quality. It is a very soft cut stone. It has natural greenish or natural green and gray mix look.

The defects: It would be depressed, cracked, burnt, dotted, and a sort of paleness as if etherized.

Substitutes of cat's eye: Beryl, Apatite and Tourmaline cat's eye.

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