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The solar system consists of the Sun and several celestial bodies which revolve around it. The Sun has light of its own. There are 9 major planets which revolve around the Sun in definite orbits. Out of the 9 major planets, six were known to mankind since ancient times. These in order of increasing distance from the Sun are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

In summary every horoscope has 12 Rashis (signs), 9 Grehas (loosely translated as planets) and 27 Nakshatras - constellations. The interrelationship of these three factors reveals an ocean of information on which the entire edifice of astrology is built. In Vedic Astrology, a house
in the horoscope extends over an arc of 30 degrees in the Zodiac. The longitudes of these houses are the central points of these houses and as such are the most important points in a horoscope.

At the time of birth, the position of planets is noted. This position is plotted in a specific manner to form a horoscope. The position of planets at the time of birth is fixed for all times to come. It can not be altered in any way because the event has taken place at a particular time and neither the event nor the time can be repeated. This fixing of the planetary positions at the time of birth in the form of a horoscope is capable of being assessed for the promises that are inherent in it.

Astrology considers 3 important principles namely, (1) the planets and their inter-relationship, (2) the angles or aspects formed upon the Earth by such inter-relationships and (3) the relation of the Earth, by axial rotation, to points of ecliptic Zodiac and to planets, producing their actual house or mundane position in maps set-up for various latitudes.

The first manifestation of the central energy system is the Sun exhibiting nine aspects or systems of energy called planets. The term ‘planet’ is a compound word full of significance – planet –exerting influence over a certain plane or spherical planes. The planets, signs, houses, nakshatras and aspects which are the cardinal factors in astrological delineation, unquestionably derive their meaning from cosmic principles.

In a simple way, it can be said that the results that are due from any horoscope analysis depends on the promise that is inherent in that horoscope. This is due to the planetary positions as they existed at the time of birth. The planets will stay recorded in this position for all times to come. However, life and time and even the planets themselves do not stand still as they are constantly moving. Life is evolving as time goes by and every moment a fresh planetary position is brought about. This planetary position that goes by the name of a HOROSCOPE has the capacity to account for the changes that are due to the passage of time. Firstly the dashas provide the dynamism to the Horoscope, allowing it to keep pace with the chronological growth and secondly by the transits with the constantly changing planetary positions.

The two luminaries Moon and Sun are the Lords of one sign while on the other hand, other planets have dual lordships. Although there are controversies with regards to the ownership of signs allotted to Rahu and Ketu, but it is widely accepted that VIRGO and PISCES are the own signs of Rahu and Ketu respectively.

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