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To get precise horoscopes from a native’s astrological birth chart, it is important that we not only get his birth date, but also his exact birth time. However in some cases, the birth-time is sometimes not known correctly even not known at all due to the native’s parents being illiterate and unaware of the consequences of not recording the exact time of birth. With the help of birth-time rectification, the astrologer is able to arrive at an approximate time of birth of the native whose exact time of birth is not known. Under this process, the astrologer looks at all the life events in detail and maps them to that astrological birth chart which is accurately able to predict all the life events happened in the life of the native in his/her past.
Since the astrological birth chart changes every 4 minutes, this analysis might even require the astrologer to draw more than 70 astrological birth charts and analyze all of them to find the right one that precisely fits the native's life in the past. First the native is required to share the timing of some important events in his/her life, like, date of marriage, child's birth date, car/land/house purchase, moving new house/city, date of travels, date of first work, accidents, injuries, surgeries, major diseases, deaths in the family, dates of financial losses, new jobs, new business, inheritance, any major events in life with date. Then based on these important events in the native's life in the past, the astrologer then draws many astrological birth chart for various times and starts the analysis. Normally, 3 astrological birth charts are drawn for every 4 minute interval to zero in on the astrological birth chart that matches most closely with the native's life events. Then based on that most probable astrological birth chart, the astrologer finally calculates planetary periods to confirm the timing of events as per the chart. When these final calculations match the events mentioned by the native in his/her past life, only then the astrologer is able to confirm the accurate time and/or date of birth with the native.

Please provide your Date of Birth, Time of Birth, City of Birth and Country of Birth at the time of making payment in instructions section or mail us your Birth Details at info@astrologerhelp.com / rphoro@gmail.com

To get your Birth Time Rectification Report order now
Price in INR (For Indian Resident) Price in US$ (For Outside India)
Rs 2100/- $75

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