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Effect of Planets & Role of Color Therapy
It is said that based upon a person's past karmas, he/she is born into a certain constellation of planets or 'Grehas'. Since each planet is based upon its own nature, its placement casts some effect on the life of the individual. The effect can be positive or negative based primarily on the magnitude of the planet. Vedic astrology suggests various remedies to check the negative effects, which can be illustrated by theory of Spectrum where all the planets have their own colors, i.e. Sun-orange, Moon-white, Mars-red, Mercury-green, Jupiter-yellow, Saturn-black, Rahu-navy blue and Ketu-light brown. The Color therapy of all the 9 planets can be likened to 9 different colored lights placed at various distances from a screen. The screen can be analogue to human life.

The net intensity and color of illumination on the screen is a complex function of all individual lights. There may be a yellow light of Jupiter that is bright, but farther than a red light of Mars that is equally bright would have a combined effect of reddish light from a nearer point. Here red color of Mars gives malefic while yellow color and Jupiter gives benefic effect on a human being. If we wish to make the screen yellowish for a better life, I suggest that we strengthen the yellow light by wearing the yellow sapphire and at the same time place an opaque filter before red light by propitiating Lord Hanuman and offering red colored items as 'Daan' and mantra of planet Mars. As a result, reddishness will decrease and yellowishness will increase, making the concerned person's life happier and better. The ancient astrological science is replete with solutions which start from prayers, chanting and mantras. The above referred cosmic rays and color therapy is totally scientific, which was discovered by our Rishi-Munis after deep research and if we define astrology, it the charging and discharging of planets that is called Astrology. Malefic planet in a native house can be discharged by Daan, Mantras and Pooja. Similarly, benefic planets can be charged by wearing Gemstones.

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