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These days it has become very popular among boys and girls to check the horoscope of their perspective partner for any sign of being Manglik. If one person is Manglik and the other person is not then marriage is usually denied. But what is actually Manglik? Is Manglik Dosh relevant only to marriage and to no other aspect of life? Such type of superstition is handed down the generations. I have travelled to France, U.K., Thailand and so many other countries but it seems that Mangliks exist only in India. However there are other religions in India also like Muslims, Sikhs, Christians and some sects of Hindu religion as well who do not believe this superstition and carry on with their marriages without any worry.

As a matter of fact, the Mangal stigma is one of the most misunderstood aspects of Vedic Astrology. Majority of astrologers are well educated and know the Mangal effect well, but still half baked pundits who have created a negative hype around this word are carrying on fooling people. There is also this superstition that if a Manglik person ties knot with a Peepal tree before getting married to his/her partner, the brunt of Manglik Dosh will fall upon the tree and the partner would be spared. What a joke?

Firstly, Lord Brahma who is the creator of the world gives the freedom to form such relations only in our own species, like a dog with a bitch, a cock with a hen, an ox with a cow and so on. Now how a human being married to a Peepal tree will fulfill the wishes of Lord Brahma in the creation of this world? Secondly, a Peepal tree according to our Shastras is an incarnation of Lord Shiva who is our father. Then how it is possible for any of us to marry our father to remove our Manglik Dosh? That’s why we say that all these theories perpetrated by these so called pundits are totally baseless and should not be believed by anybody at any point of time.

According to astrological combinations that occur if Mars is in lagan 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house Lagan, a person born in the presence of this combination is termed as Manglik. In all the above stated 5 conditions of Mars, a position is created that aspect the 7th house which is known as the Marriage house of the person concerned. According to Astrological books, our sages say that Mars signifies and controls the blood flow of that person. In such condition, Mars creates excessive circulation of blood in the genetic parts of the body increases the sexual appetite of the person. But according to our Shastras, excessive sex results in death, so if one partner has a stronger sex drive than the other, their marriage is bound to be filled with disturbances. However if both the partners are too busy in their work and do not have such sexual desires in excess due to their environment and daily diet, then there is obviously no need to worry about anything.

I have come across so many horoscopes in the past where one partner was Manglik and the other one was not, but still they were enjoying a happy married life as compared to other cases where both the partners were either Manglik or non-Manglik. While making this Manglik report, we study the person’s horoscope in detail in context with his/her partner’s horoscope and suggest remedies accordingly.

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