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Marriage is a major decision in the life of a person, and Match-making is the process through which we try to find out whether the horoscopes of the bride and the groom are matching or not. To decide whether their marriage is going to be successful or not, below are the factors that have to be taken into consideration while match-making.

1. Study the placement of planets in both horoscopes to analyze ratio of anger in the horoscopes of both the bride and the groom. If both are short tempered, then there are bound to be problems in marriage which could result in a tragic end to a relationship.

2. Study the fortune factor in both the horoscopes of the perspective bride and groom, and analyze whether their combined fortune will result in progress or not.

3. Since money is the main consideration in day-to-day life, it was important to study whether the concerned persons had combination of fate with bank balance in their horoscope depicted by Lord of 2nd house (Bank Balance) in its appropriate place.

4. Find out whether the house of marriage and its lord are well disposed in both the horoscopes of perspective bride and groom, the absence of which will cause problems in married life.

5. Study the after-marriage combination for progeny in both the horoscopes of the bride and the groom, because any problem in this aspect could also lead to post-marital problems.

6. Study of health aspects is also necessary in both the horoscopes. There should be a combination of planets that show a better life, so that both the bride and groom can live together happily for at least 45 to 50 years.

7. There are a host of other combinations also which need to be taken into consideration before finalizing the perfect match for marriage.

Our Marriage report will cover all the above stated factors to ensure a good married life for the bride and groom.

Please provide your Date of Birth, Time of Birth, City of Birth and Country of Birth at the time of making payment in instructions section or mail us your Birth Details at /

To get your Matchmaking Report order now
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Rs 500/- $25

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