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Vedic Medical Astrology is as old as Vedas i.e. circa 20000 years. Astrology evolved from a universal philosophy that the soul is unique. The uniqueness of the soul is due to the traits and temperaments assimilated deeds along the cycles of life and death. These traits and temperaments turn out to be the impetus or the driving force that propel the soul to fleet past births and deaths. The good and evil deeds perpetrated during the course of previous lives come haunting us in the lives to come.
Ayurveda, the Veda of life, identifies three basic reasons for ailments. Astrology prescribes specific solutions to tide over the trio-trouble based ailments.

Even before a man breaks forth, out of his mother's womb, astrology can potentially predict the ailments of his life is going to be punctuated with. A scholarly seer can accurately decipher the writing on the wall. He alone knows when, where and how an ailment is going to afflict, and which would be the right course of treating it.

It is possible in Astrology to diagnose a disease well before its actual appearance in the body. The possibility of a disease can be expected if the following conditions occur in a native's birth chart.

When any planet receives bad aspects like square (90 degrees) and opposition (180 degrees).
When bad planets (Saturn, Mars, Rahu, Ketu, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) are positioned in bad houses like 6th house (place of disease), 8th house (place of longevity) and 12th house (place of death).
When bad planets occupy the signs: Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces.
When bad planets occupy the Ascendant (place of body, mind and soul).
Death can be predicted when Sun, Moon and Ascendant - all the three are afflicted.


Following are the characteristics given for houses and signs in connection to health of a person.

1st house or Aries: Body in general, Head, Face, Facial bones, Brain and Blood Vessels of the brain, complexion.
2nd house or Taurus: Teeth, speech, right eye, Throat, Larynx, Cerebellum, Neck and Bones, Blood vessels and nerves connecting throat and neck.
3rd house or Gemini: Right ear, Shoulders, Collar, Hands and the related bones, Lungs, breath, blood.
4th house or Cancer: Last phase of life, Chest, Breast, Ribs, Food poisoning, Stomach, Gastric and digestive system.
5th house or Leo: Heart, mind, and Spinal chord.
6th house or Virgo: Disease in general, Kidneys, Stomach, Bowels, Intestines and Abdomen.
7th house or Libra: Waist, Navel cavity, Lumbar region and skin.
8th house or Scorpio: Incurable diseases, Urinary and sexual organs, Pelvic bones, Bladder, and anus.
9th house or Sagittarius: Hips, Arterial system, Nerves and Thighs.
10th house or Capricorn: Knees, Hams, Joints, and bones.
11th house or Aquarius: Legs, Blood circulation and ankles, Left ear.
12th house or Pisces: Lymphatic system, Feet and Toes, left eye, hospitalization, death.


The following are the characteristics given for planets in connection to health of a person.

Sun: Heart, Sun-stroke, Eyes, Blood circulation, Spinal cord, Right eye in males and left eye in females.
Moon: Cold, pneumonia, breast related diseases, kidneys, Stomach, and Uterus related problems, Mania, Motions, left eye in males, right eye in females.
Mercury: Digestive system, nerves, Lungs, Speech related problems, Mouth, Tongue, Hands, and Epilepsy.
Venus: Throat, neck, cheeks, skin, venereal diseases and reproductive organs.
Mars: Forehead, nose, muscles, male reproductive organs, piles, hemorrhage, injuries, burns, cuts, fevers, accidents, electric shock, suicidal tendencies.
Jupiter: Liver, diabetes, blood vessels, right ear, thigh, buttocks, obesity, problems due to excess-eating.
Saturn: General weakness, bony appearance, Teeth, bones, knees, joints, rheumatism, chronic diseases, asthma, lungs-related diseases, tuberculosis and skin-related diseases.
Rahu: Rahu is considered as equal to Saturn in Vedic Astrology. Rahu gives Leprosy, Cancer, diseases to spleen, poisoning, snake bite, bite of poisonous insects and creatures.
Ketu: Ketu is considered as equal to Mars in Vedic Astrology. Ketu gives hypertensions, B.P., Lunacy, allergies and infectious diseases. When Ketu is involved, the real disease cannot be diagnosed by medical equipment.
Uranus: Diseases to arteries, brain's nervous system, parts of spinal cord, electric shock, heart attack, sudden accidents and unknown diseases.
Neptune: Psychic diseases, epilepsy, lunacy, food poisoning, drug addiction, conjunctivitis, drowning, delusions, insomnia, infectious and contagious diseases, bites of poisonous insects or animals.
Pluto: Congenital diseases, venereal diseases and accidents, diseases due to harmful radiation like X-rays, atomic rays, UV rays, or radio-active rays.
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