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Owning a property in his or her name is every individual’s dream desire. However, not every individual is able to realize this dream in his/her life due to some reasons or the other. There could be many factors leading to this non-realization, like investment in the wrong property at a wrong time, the person’s luck not favoring him in a specific property deal, a family feud arising out of that investment, or even a fraud seller doping the person with fake papers in a property transaction as well.

Since all these factors are beyond the control of an investor, it will be pertinent to mention
the role of astrological readings in case of a particular individual to ascertain whether investment in property related matters would actually benefit the individual or not. By studying various aspects of the person's horoscope, he or she could be rightly guided in choosing the right kind of property investment that will benefit and staying away from investments that would accrue losses in the end.

In a person's horoscope, there are primarily two significators deciding about the fate of property related matters in a person's life. Planet Mars represents landed property and planet Saturn represents farming property in a person's horoscope. Accordingly, the 4th house in a person's horoscope signifies property related possessions besides other material things. Hence a thorough analysis of the 4th house in a person's horoscope and the influence of planets Mars and Saturn on that house can actually tell us the exact probability of a person's success in property related matters.

Moreover, the nature of property being bought also has a big bearing on the element of success for an individual. It will be important to see whether the person is buying property for residential purpose, or for renting and investment purposes. Since both these aspects have different outcomes, it will be pertinent to mention that In order to generate income out of property there has to be a relationship between Mars and Mercury and/or Saturn and Mercury. Planet Mercury represents trading in Astrology and a well placed Mercury can help in generating income by sale or purchase of property and even by renting of property.

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