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After obtaining education and settling in a profession, the third stage of the native is marriage. Sometimes during education or in the profession, the person comes across somebody in life and the possibility of a love marriage may arise as well. There are three combinations for the possibility of a love marriage:

1. Friendship

2. Affair

3. Marriage

If the planet of friendship is not linked to love and marriage then the person’s relationship would be limited only to friendship. It is also observed in some cases that girls and boys do get into a physical relationship, but they don’t get married in the end. As long as the horoscopes of both the girl and boy doesn’t show an indication of love marriage, their marriage is not able to materialize. If only one of the boy’s or girl’s horoscopes do show an indication of love marriage then there is strong possibility of them facing plenty of problems after marriage, which in some cases might even result in breaking of the relationship and the marriage finally ending in a divorce.

This Romance report will examine all the 3 points stated above and will also indicate emotional connection, mental report, spiritual and physical attraction of the concerned person towards the opposite gender.


Marriage is a very big step/decision in a person’s life. Since most of the boys and girls are educated and self dependent these days, they often take a lot of time in choosing their life partner. In the process of choosing their partner, most of the boys and girls often cross the right age for marriage and later face lot of problems in finding their right partner. By studying the planetary positions, we could easily tell whether there will be delay in the marriage of the concerned person, or there is a possibility of marriage taking place before time and also if the marriage would take place at the right time or not.

Anybody who is interested in our Marriage report must check whether they are facing the following problems in marriage/ after marriage:

1. Whether there is delay in marriage?
2. Whether there are obstacles in marriage or a break down of marriage afterwards?
3. Whether you are facing disturbances with your husband/wife?
Or facing separation/divorce?
Or your marriage life is full of tensions and trouble?

After deep analysis of both concerned horoscopes, marriage report will provide answers to following questions:

1. Whether my marriage will be an arranged marriage or a love marriage?
2. When will I get married?
3. What will be the nature of my life partner and what will be my financial status?
4. What are the good periods in life after marriage?

After deep analysis of both the concerned horoscopes, we will suggest remedies to overcome the problems.

Please provide your Date of Birth, Time of Birth, City of Birth and Country of Birth at the time of making payment in instructions section or mail us your Birth Details at /

To get your Romance Marriage Report order now
Price in INR (For Indian Resident) Price in US$ (For Outside India)
Rs 500/- $25
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