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Rudraksh is the seed of a certain type of tree which is normally grown at a definite height in the mountains, primarily in the Himalayan mountain range. Rudraksh has a very distinctive vibration. People travelling to places must have felt that whenever they reach a new place, they are either at complete peace there from the very beginning, or they feel very restless in that place even if they are dead tired after taking a very long and tiring journey. The main reason behind this phenomenon actually relates to the nature of energy prevailing in that place. If it is conducive to the individual’s persona, the person will feel at complete ease, but if the energy is not conducive to the individual’s persona, the person feels restless at such places.

By wearing a Rudraksh around the neck, a frequently travelling person can adjust to the changing surroundings with much greater ease simply because the Rudraksh builds a protective layer of the person's energy around him/her, and helps the Rudraksh wearing person to adjust to such changes with relative ease. As a matter of fact, a Rudraksh acts as a shield against negative energies, and protects those who wear it from other people who use negative energies to harm others. A five-faced or a Panchamukhi Rudraksh is safe and good to wear for everybody, and it brings general wellbeing, health and freedom in the person's life.

However, a Rudraksh can have number of faces varying from a single faced Rudraksh to 21 faced Rudraksh, and all of them are worn for different purposes. Only a five-faced or a Panchamukhi Rudraksh is safe and good for everybody, while the rest of them should only be worn after consultation with a knowledgeable astrologer for fulfilling specific purposes. The Panchamukhi is for general wellbeing, as it lowers blood pressure, calms the nerves and brings a certain calmness and alertness in the nervous system.

An expert actually energizes a Rudraksh in various ways to suit various kinds of people before it is worn by a person. For people in family situations, the Rudraksh is energized in one way. For a hermit, the Rudraksh is energized in a completely different way. People in family situations should not wear Rudraksh which are energized in a certain way. If you have chosen to purify your life, Rudraksh is a good tool, an aid, a little support on the way.

Rudraksh was always dealt with by people who held it as a sacred duty in their lives. Traditionally, for generations they dealt only in Rudraksh. But once the demand became too much, commerce came in. In India, there is another seed called badraksh which is a poisonous seed. To look at, it is exactly like Rudraksh. Only if you take it in your hand and if you are sensitive, will you know the difference. This is a poisonous seed; it should not be worn on the body, but this is being sold as Rudraksh in many places. So it is important that you get your Rudraksh from a trusted source.
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