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Each Dasa period is divided in the order given above and in the same proportion and termed as ‘Bhukties’. Bhukties are divided again in the same cycle to get ‘Anterdasa’, further sub-divisions of Anterdasa yield ‘Sookshamas’ and of the latter ‘Pranas Dasa’.

The major period of ‘Dasa’ operating at birth is computed by noting the degree of longitude held by the Moon at the instant of birth and ascertaining the Nakshatras and the exact point of the Nakshatras where Moon is positioned. The major period of planet to which that Nakshatra is assigned influences at birth is the proportion of the remaining portion which the Moon has yet to traverse in that asterism. No where has it been laid down that the Dasa System will work only when reckoned from the Nakshatra in which the Moon is stationed at birth.
Every horoscope has 12 signs and lordships of 9 planets which are as below:

  Signs Lordship
Aries & Scorpio Mars
Taurus & Libra Venus
Gemini & Virgo Mercury
Cancer Moon
Leo Sun
Sagittarius & Pisces Jupiter
Capricorn & Aquarius Saturn

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