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Mahadasha and Timing of Events in Astrology
Astrology further divides 360 degrees of Zodiac in 27 Nakshatras having an extent of 13.20 minutes each. Various systems of timings events have been outlined in Indian classical texts of which the Vimshottari or Nakshatras Dasa system is most reliable and fool-proof. The venerable sage Parasara to whom this Dasa system is attributed has no where accepted that it is his own.

The Vimshottari system is based on the 27 Nakshatras which are taken for computation in the system is 120 years. The 120 year period in unevenly distributed among 9 significators employed in the following cyclic order which are studied all over the context of the planetary positions that were recorded at the time of birth:

Sun 6 years
Moon 10 years
Mars 7 years
Mercury 17 years
Jupiter 16 years
Venus 20 years
Saturn 19 years
Asc Node (Rahu) 18 years
Des Node (Ketu) 7 years

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